VM Compound 3 in 1 Cutting Compound

VM Compound 3 in 1 Cutting Compound

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Tetrosyl VM Compound is a fast cutting compound for use on all modern paint finishes that is silicone free and body shop safe. The advanced compound can be used for blending paintwork, removing wet sanding marks from 1000 grit upwards, in denibbing or in general paintwork restoration. VM Compound can be applied by hand or by machine.

"VM Compound" links together 3 stages into 1 process. The molecules within the product react to heat and speed, starting off cold and rough edged creating an abrasive cut, then warming up smoothing out to go through the medium grade cut to a final finish being achieved. If you have never used the VM Compound and you do a lot of day to day machining, the product is one of the top choices by both detailers and body shops all across Europe and the rest of the world. 

Application: Can be used by hand as a rubbing compound or with a rotary or DA Polisher. Works great with all pad types and sizes. Read the bottle instructions for speed recommendations.   

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