DA Polisher Kit

DA Polisher Kit

  • 20999

Waxedshine's DA-9000W Professional Polisher kit is great for enthusiasts, bodyshops, detailers, boat detailers and more. It is made with high grade parts to ensure that you get the best results with the realiability of a solid machine. Certified with CTUVUS approval, vigorous testing has been done to ensure that the DA polisher exceeds the regular standards within the market. 

The design features cooling vents at the rear to prevent overheating which is a common fault with other orbital polishers. There is a rubberized top surface to create added grip, a top sliding power button for convenience with finger guides and a rear 6 speed control adjustment conveniently positioned. The large removable palm rest really gives you a solid grip and balance to the machine and with the included D-shaped handle and side handle you also have all the options to use the machine the way you prefer. Balanced to work with both 5" and 6" backing plates, the DA-9000W is ready to take on all your tasks.

The included Waxedshine bag is our detailers choice bag specially made with the detailer in mind. Not only will it store your machine, accessories, pads and handles but it has 3 elasticated pockets to store your polishes, compounds etc upto 1ltr sizes. There is an additional 4th pocket for storing items such as pad cleaning brushes etc. 

The 3 step pad system is made with open and closed cell German foam. We sell these sets widely to detailers, bodyshops, home enthusiasts as well as retail stores. They incorporate a unique diamond cut that enables heat to dissipate quicker as well as create more flex when following bodyline contours. 

This kit really is everything you need to work on your vehicles with your desired polish, compound or wax.  

Includes:   DA Polisher, Backing Plate, D-Shaped Handle, Side Handle, Palm Rest, 3 Pad System, Spare Brushes, Adjustment Tools

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